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Reprogram yourself everyday with these abundance healing cards.

31-affirmation cards | abundance

  • Reprogram yourself with these Abundance Affirmation Healing Cards.  Every morning you can pick one card and set your focus to it that day.

    This pack of 31 beautifully designed cards features inspiring affirmations is a powerful & healing tool to help you align your mindset with abundance and attract more money into your life.

    Each card features a unique affirmation that is designed to help you overcome limiting beliefs and cultivate a positive mindset towards wealth and abundance. The affirmations are accompanied by stunning graphics that will help you visualize your dreams and manifest your goals.

    What's more, this pack comes with an editable Canva link, which means you can customize the cards to suit your personal preferences and branding. You can change the colors, fonts, text and images to make the cards truly your own.

    And if you're a coach or entrepreneur looking to create your own products, this pack also comes with a PLR (Private Label Rights) and resell license. That means you can use the cards as a template to create your own branded affirmation cards to sell or give away to your clients.

    Are you ready to transform your mindset and attract more money and abundance into your life, get your Abundance Affirmation Cards today.

    Size: 5 in x 7 inch

    What do you get?
    31-cards, size 5 x 7 inch
    1x PDF (with editable Canva link)
    1x License

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