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New cursuses

 & workshops

For some time now I have been busy behind the scenes developing new online courses and workshops in the field of healing & (re)connecting soul-body-mind.  And I can tell you that I am very excited to share it with you! For this I am looking for candidates who want to try it out and share their experience.

These are programs where you invest in yourself and time. This means that you free up space in your agenda to work on this. Changing something can only happen by taking action. By taking steps you take action and by taking action, your dreams and goals come closer. Step-by-step. Ea great opportunity to grow in your personal development for a very low fee. Sort of a sneak preview.

To collaborate?

Dear you,

For a small contribution you can participate in a program that I offer for this purpose. Let me first say that they are full-fledged and valuable. Your advantage is that you grow in your personal development in the field of soul-body-mind healing & (re)connection.


My question to you is to share your experience & share feedback. And your cooperation will be rewarded! If you have taken at least 1 SNEAK PREVIEW program, you will retain an 11% discount on all my services and products, if you want to use them in the future.


I ask for a small contribution of 11.00 per time/per week/per month. This depends on the product and will clearly indicate in advance what the total contribution will be.

For example
A 3-month course is 3x 11 = 33 euros. You can pay for the course all at once or in 3 installments of 11 euros. 


A loving gesture to give away a SNEAK PREVIEW program. Please include in the message the first and last name, email address and place of residence for whom it is and why you would like to give it to that person, so that I can offer a suitable program.


Dankjewel voor je aanvraag!
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