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Queen Butterfly visit

Little beautiful creature

I've always had a thing for butterflies. Still when they flutter by, they conjure a smile from ear to ear, my eyes sparkle that dazzle and an exited feeling screeches through my body. They are so special and I feel close to them. As small as they are, they touch the deepest fiber in me. I have already experienced quite a few magical moments with these special creatures. I could never have imagined that I can now also admire them from the spiritual world.

Friday November 11, 2020, beginning of winter, cold outside and was in my studio to start painting. Earlier that day I cleaned up the room, including the lamp I would need later and decided to do so later anyway. I sat behind my easel and heard a sound, a flapping familiar sound I had heard before. "Would it be another butterfly houseguest?", I thought and decided to turn on that lamp to better see where it would come from. And yes, there she was. I spoke softly to her, after which she immediately started to shake when I said something. Finally she flew away and sat on the edge of the window and unfolded her beautiful wings. Not long after that she took off again and before I knew it she was on my hand. She was having a hard time and I decided to put my hand on the table and as I foresaw she got off. She had lost a lot of energy by now and it was important that she found a place where she could spend the rest of the winter period. All my attention was on her. I can't explain it, but there was so much love in the space. I felt a connection, that I knew her, her spirit.

She was clearly looking for a place to rest. I had three plants on my table and no matter how hard it was for her, she climbed into one of the plants. I was happy with that and decided to leave her alone for a while. I left the studio and walked in to my love and told him about the high visit and that we had to be careful when we entered the studio. Before dinner I decided to check on her and she was still there. I put a bowl of orange juice on the table and left. I was so exited that she was there.

Before I had a butterfly guest who stayed for 7 months and yes, also in the studio. I went looking for photos and I found her on September 10, 2020 and on February 10, 2021 I recorded her flapping her wings when I talked to her. She finally left on April 29, 2021, I looked that up in my daily ticks. That left such a void. What a love they give off.

Back where I left off. My thoughts were with her and I just went back to the studio to start painting, with her next to me, in the plant, so special. But the next day something tragic happened, I opened the door, stepped inside in my enthusiasm and… sure enough! It broke my heart and tears streamed down my cheeks. It's not to explain how it touched me. Know that everything happens for a reason, yet it took me a while to let it go.

A while later, a medium colleague, who knew nothing about my stories, told me that my grandmother visits me as a butterfly and that she helps me on my spiritual path and to make contact with the unseen world. She is my grandmother, my father's mother. Others have also confirmed this.

And then, two months later, on the evening of Monday, January 16, 2023.... It was meditation time, around 8:00 PM so I blew up some candles and incense and sat down. Normally I close my eyes immediately, but they were drawn to the shadows of the glass tube I had placed around a pillar candle in front of my window. In the morning I changed things up a bit and moved the three plants I had left over on the left side of the window. The shadow formed a face and decided to take a picture of it. Only I suddenly saw a white lithning spot appear in front of my mobile. I winked my eyes, did I see it right? Yes, it was a spiritual butterfly! I saw it with and without a camera, so I tried to film her and there she is..... fluttering past the window, the radiator and finally, yes with exactly the same plant, she had come back and showed me in all its glory that she's okay! I will never forget that magical moment I had with her. Occasionally she comes back to visit me, I am so grateful and blessed to be connected to the unseen world that is getting more unfold day by day, which represents unconditional eternal love, which I feel every time they are there.

It took me a while to decide to post this video. During the editing, a small magical moment took place. Every time I look at it I get a feeling I can't describe, it's so magical. Especially because of the story behind it....see for yourself...

There is still much to tell about these beautiful apparitions. About why they cross your path, what the signs can mean to you and I'd like to share that again in a next post :). Do you want to be kept informed of my ticks? Then you can subscribe and you will automatically receive a message in your mailbox. And if desired, you can also unsubscribe just as easily.

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